POF shrink film

POF shrink film


Used rolls polyolefin shrink packaging all of the following products: bottles of mineral water, bottles of soda water, cans, cardboard, and pallets, and other materials, where it is the process of packaging shrink Containers (product) using the oven heat or expose the product to a heat source, Where shrink polyolefin shrink due to heat and shrink the product and encases,

Available thickness of the following: 15 , 19 , 25 micron.

Width from 20 to 60 cm.

Features polyolefin shrink:

Flexibility and toughness, where the raw material is not easily cut.

Economic, where density polyolefin shrinkis less than the density of the PVC , gives an meters more.

polyolefin shrinkis odorless.

When you shrink the work does not make the emergence of Staff at the corners and any packets with different forms.

Easy storage, can be stored in polyolefin shrinkany temperature and long shelf life.

Touching the food directly.

We have our company Master Pack thickness and different sizes of polyolefin shrink POF shrinkز

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polyolefin shrink film
 POF shrink film.